hello, my name is Hannes

i produce (web) video content for awesome people and companys from OWL

content i produce(d)

  • Wedding / Event Videos (click) (complete ceremony videos, thank you videos, best of cut)

  • german documentation "100 Jahre CVJM Heidenoldendorf" (click) (whole production)

  • music video "Irgendwann Glücklich" (click) (cinematography, Editing)

  • music video editing "Weihnachten fällt aus" (click) (editing, synchronising, color correction)

  • music video editing "Immer wieder Fehler machen" (click) (editing, synchronising, color correction)

  • typography/cinematography (click) (text/lyrics typography, Cinematography, editing, synchronising, color correction)
  • if you're interested in working together,
    please send me an email to "hannes.schaeffer[at]lip-dt.[de]", or shoot me message on Twitter or Instagram

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